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11 Nov Inch to Metric Conversion Chart
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Inch » Metric Conversion Chart Most of the router bits in our catalogue are manufactured to imperial specifications as this is the current standard for South Africa for the past 40 y..
11 Nov Router Bit Speed Chart
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How Fast Should a Router Be Running? If you've got a router with variable speed, then you've got the power to improve the quality of your cut. In general, the larger the bit, the slower ..
11 Nov Which is better ½-inch or ¼-inch shanks?
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I am new to routing and router bits are a confusing subject! Is a Router Bit with a ½-inch shank better than one with a ¼-inch? When you shop for router bits, you will prob..
21 Oct Tork Craft hole saws
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Getting the best results out of your hole saw Requirements: A drill or drill press fitted with a 3-jaw chuck A mandrel equipped with a pilot drill bit for the material being d..
20 Oct Tork Craft backs Lupini’s Polo Cup racing efforts
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Bullion IT Racing driver Giordano Lupini's Compcare Polo Cup race car will benefit a little extra spring in its step from this weekend’s Red Star races on. Lupini has joined forces with South Afri..
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