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by Motorsport Media - 3 May 2024


Meet Tork Craft's high value, great quality, ready for action multitools

There's always a need for a multitool. Any action man knows that. And Tork Craft tools understands too. That's why Tork Craft offers a choice range of great value, good quality, ready for action multitools to do whatever your next on the hoof moment may require.

Top of the Tork Craft multitool range is a twelve-function stainless steel device complete with its own LED light. Designed to tackle come what may, wherever you may find yourself, this one's ready to deliver on the spot repairs wherever you may be. From outdoor fun to sports, industrial to gardening, woodworking, hardware, or whatever.

Featuring a compact smart stainless blade design, this one's multiple task solutions include that rubber switch LED flashlight, and large and small blades. Add spuing pliers, scissors, a wire cutter with a stripper, Phillips, large, medium, and small screwdrivers, file, a saw, and a reamer and a can and bottle opener. All Tork Craft multitools come ready for action in their own nylon pouch holsters.

Slightly less expensive yet almost as versatile, the red anodised Tork Craft 9-function LED mini multitool drops the larger blade and smaller flat screwdrivers. A more compact 10-function stainless version has a serrated blade ruler but no smaller screwdrivers or larger blade. A high-value 8-function Tork Craft entry tool is also finished in red. It swaps the larger blade and smaller screw drivers for a reamer and ruler.

The multitools are just four among an incredible range of tens of thousands of Tork Craft tools and products perfectly poised to finish any job quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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What Tork Craft Multitools
Where Midrand, Gauteng
When Friday 3 May 2024
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