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by Motorsport Media - 17 April 2024


Tork Craft clamps will hold any job super tight

Tork Craft's growing, broad and versatile range of clamps is ready to reliably, efficiently and cost effectively do any holding, joining, and setting job in your business or DIY workshop, at home, or in the field. Offering everything from F and G-clamps, aluminium bar, sash, pipe, quick and spring clamps, to band and mitre clamps, there's a Tork Craft clamp waiting to do the job.

Tough powder coated carbon steel Tork Craft G-clamps are ideal for use in the assembly of any materials, and for gluing and joining wood. Quicker to adjust, wood-handled all-steel Tork Craft F-clamps, or speed clamps, are similar to G-clamps. F-clamps come in several sizes and feature a wider throat opening capacity and non-marking pressure pads to comfortably handle a vast variety of jobs.

600 and 900 mm lightweight rigid aluminium bar clamps have spring jaw clutches. They are best for delicate jobs, where a light clamp may be more important than its tight grip. Aluminium bar clamps should not be mistaken for heavier and more versatile sash clamps, which are engineered for that stronger grip, and come in many different sizes.

Even more versatile and a woodworker must-have, tough and easy to use, even more adaptable pipe clamps come in many lengths up to 6 metres. True to its name, Tork Craft's easy to use rapid-release clamping-trigger quick clamp can easily be operated with only one hand. Quick clamp also simply converts into spreaders.

Tork Craft's simplistic anti-corrosion nickel-plated steel-body spring clamps have poly-vinyl jaws to prevent surface damage to the job. Featuring a heavy duty spring, these clamps will however solves so many a holding, joining and setting application surprisingly efficiently within their clamping capacity.

Ideal for picture framing and furniture repairs, the Tork Craft quick-adjust band clamp exerts even gripping pressure over a variety of job shapes and sizes. Lightweight Mitre corner clamps are also ideal for joinery and come in a variety of solutions. Some have a cutting groove to hand saw at 45 degrees, others apply an even grip when clamping two different material widths at 90 degrees.

The clamps are but a tiny facet of Tork Craft's immense range of tools, power tools, accessories and so much more. There's a Tork Craft tool solution required to do any job you may need or imagine. Visit to find out more and order the clamps you need. Or for that matter, whatever tool it is you may possibly require.

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