Media Release

by Motorsport Media - 23 April 2024


Tork Craft extractors, taps & dies solve broken bolt problems

A broken bolt on a casing may seem a huge issue at the face of it. Not that it need to be. Tork Craft has all the tools, from screw extractors to remove the stuck fastener, to taps, dies, and inserts to successfully solve any such a dilemma, pronto.

First things first, we need to remove the broken bolt. No problem for Tork Craft's extended range of screw extractors. Available in a broad selection of spiral and square drill extractors in singles and sets up to comprehensive kits complete with the requisite drill bits, Tork Craft extractors will hammer or twist any belligerent screw out.

Chances are the extraction will have damaged the thread or casing. But Tork Craft has that covered too. Its industrial quality carbon steel taps and dies, handy tap wrenches and die holders are ready to solve that dilemma too. All also come in a broad variety of individual pieces and sets to suit your every need. And if that's not enough, Tork Craft also has the necessary screw inserts to entirely replace a damaged thread.

Its vast selection of extractors, taps and dies are just a tiny part of Tork Craft's immense range of tools, power tools, accessories and so much more. South Africa's number 1 supplier, Tork Craft has the accessory for every tool, and a tool for every job. Visit to learn all about its extractors, taps and dies and order yours. Tork Craft products are freely available at tool and hardware stores throughout SA.

What Tork Craft extractors, taps & dies
Where Midrand, Gauteng
When Monday 23 April 2024
Community South Africa National