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by Motorsport Media - 28 March 2024


Hot glue guns ready for any pro or DIY application

Tork Craft has a cool range of three hot glue guns ready to join any professional or DIY job. Light and handy, this 330-gram 80W 220V gun preheats its 11 mm diameter glue sticks to 180 degrees centigrade within seven minutes. It delivers a steady 6 to 8-gram flow of glue to the job. A wire stand works as a tripod to safely keep the hot nozzle out of harm's way while in use.

To operate the Tork Craft hot glue gun, simply connect the cord to mains power, insert the glue stick through its auto-feed port and allow five minutes for the gun to heat up to operating temperature. Take that time to prepare the job and your work area before proceeding. It's a good idea to use a sheet of scrap paper under the job to protect the surface below from any excess glue dripping from the nozzle.

With the gun up to temperature, aim the nozzle at the required spot without actually touching the surfaces. Then squeeze the trigger a few times to feed the glue stick through the gun and lay the hot glue onto the seam before joining the surfaces. Voila! With the job done, simply remove the gun from its power supply and allow it to cool completely before storing it.

This 80W 11 mm gun tops Tork Craft's three hot glue gun range above two 10W 7mm and 40W 11mm options. Tork Craft also offers a variety of hot glue gun and stick packages and accessories. Log on to Link » Glue Guns for more.

Link » Glue Guns

What Tork Craft Glue Guns
Where Midrand, Gauteng
When Thursday 28 March 2024
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