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by Motorsport Media - 8 April 2024


Tork Craft impact driver hammers stuck screws loose

Ever given up on a job simply because you just cannot loosen a nut, bolt, or screw? Tork Craft has the answer to your woes. The high value high quality new Tork Craft 6-piece impact driver set is ready to solve any loosening dilemma. It includes the driver, an easy-fit ½” square drive bit adaptor with a 7.9 mm Hex bit holder and four driver bits.

The rugged and hardy chrome vanadium Tork Craft Impact Driver has a knurled non-slip handle for easy grip and control, and easy push left and right direction adjustment. Ready to tighten or loosen any belligerent screw, this device is ideal for use in the mechanical workshop, in construction, manufacturing, and DIY.

Easy to use, the Tork Craft Impact Driver converts hammer blows into high torque twisting impact force to loosen rusted and stuck screws or bolts. Simply insert the correct bit into the holder, place the bit on the screw, nut, or bolt to be released, and strike the end face of the handle with a hammer.

The impact of the hammer is converted into twist action at the same time as the hammer strike forces the bit down, to gradually drive rusted, stuck, or damaged fasteners left or right.

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What Tork Craft Impact Driver
Where Midrand, Gauteng
When Monday 8 April 2024
Community South Africa National