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by Motorsport Media - 14 December 2023


Five more smart accessories for your Tork Craft power tool

Tork Craft's epic range of cordless and power drills and drivers are next level in their own right, but did you know that Tork Craft also supplies a broad range of incredibly handy drilling accessories and components to simplify any drilling, nibbling, boring, driving, and even sawing job?

Famous for their versatility, accuracy, and precision, Tork Craft's rugged and powerful range of drills and drivers is backed by far more than just the regular drill bits, chucks, reamers, and the rest. Just unpacked, Tork Craft's splendid range drill accessories and components not only make the machine that much more versatile, but they also ease many a job at hand.

You may already have read about Tork Craft's recently introduced drill nut riveter and hex shank rivet drill adapters. They were just the start of a growing line of specialised new Tork Craft drilling machine adapters and accessories. Fresh out the box, Tork Craft's 90-degree Angle Adapter for example makes those hard to get spots easy to reach, every time.   Link » product

This geared adapter simply fits onto the drill chuck to turn the bit at a right angle to the machine. It allows you to drill or drive with the bit operating at a 90-degree angle to the machine. The adapter has its own chuck to accept whatever bit you may want to use, to solve many a boring or driving dilemma.   Link » product

Tork Craft's Magnetic Screw Guide is another innovative drilling solution. This specialised adapter features a magnetic sheath that fits over the screw to secure it and present it to the surface at the perfect angle. This one makes for simpler and more productive work and an easier job every time.   Link » product

The Tork Craft Drill Stop set is another highly welcome tool that will make your drilling job all that much simpler and more accurate. A rudimentary device, the Tork Craft drill stop simply fits over the bit and fixes to its shaft at your predetermined height to ensure that the drill stops when it reaches that required dimension. No more over drilling and too-deep holes!   Link » product

Tork Craft's HSS Drill Bit Saw meanwhile converts your drill to a saw to allow you to drill and cut in one easy motion. Basically a specialised drill bit featuring a cutting shank, the Tork Craft HSS Drill Bit Saw will mechanically cut most surfaces, from plastic to wood and timber, and alloys and metals too, just like a saw.   Link » product

Last but not least for now, Tork Craft's 3-in-1 Nibbler Attachment mounts onto a Tork Craft power drill chuck and has an ergonomic auxiliary handle and a 60 to 260 mm circle cutting guide. That allows the high speed steel blade to accurately cut circular or irregular shapes into anything from sheet Metal to copper, aluminium, steel, wood, and plastic.   Link » product

Tork craft's growing and practical range of drill bit accessories empower the operator to do so much more with his or her machine. Find Tork Craft drilling and boring, and thousands of other tools, products, and accessories at a tool outlet near you, or log on to to learn more.

What Five New Tork Craft Drilling Accessories
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When Tuesday 14 December 2023
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